Monday, April 22, 2013

The Arms of Dracos part 1

Welcome back Lesley Shane, star of an earlier Bear Alley strip presentation, Alias Colonel Blood (you'll have to scroll down and go back a page [older posts].

Lesley Shane was a female detective whose adventures appeared in the Daily Sketch in the early 1950s and were then syndicated worldwide until at least 1956, possibly later.

The quality of the original scans is poor and I've done my best to make them readable. The original newspaper strips have never been reprinted, although some stories were rejigged and revised to appear in Super Detective Library in 1953-57. The strips were also reprinted in an Australian comic book which ran for at lest 5 issues in around 1955.

Artist Oliver Passingham went on to draw other newspaper strips before spending thirty years working for D. C. Thomson before retiring in the early 1990s. He spent the next decade painting watercolours, dying in 2003, aged 78.

(* © Mercury Features.)

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  1. Stephen Montgomery29 Apr 2013, 21:49:00

    Thanks, Steve, for another exciting serial with the lovely Miss Shane. Quality is much better than I thought it would be after reading yourcomments on the state of the originals. Good job.



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