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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Recent Releases: July 2012

JULY 2012

Peter Jackson's London Is Stranger Than Fiction by Peter Jackson, compiled by Steve Holland.
Look and Learn ISBN 978-095507721-0, 4 July 2012, 92pp, £14.99.
‘London is Stranger Than Fiction’ inspired artist Peter Jackson's life-long fascination with London, its history and its people. The strip, originally published in The Evening News, revelled in obscure facts about the city, its eccentric inhabitants and forgotten byways. Jackson used his talents as an artist to bring these subjects to life for the entertainment of his readers.
__Peter Jackson's London is Stranger Than Fiction reprints all the strips from two of Jackson's now-hard-to-find books, London is Stranger Than Fiction and London Explorer, in which Jackson looked at curiosities associated with certain areas of London, from Aldwych to Westminster. 
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Savage: The Guv'nor by Pat Mills & Patrick Goddard.
Rebellion ISBN 978-1781080405, 19 July 2012, 224pp, £14.99. [£11.30 from Amazon]
In 1999, Britain was successfully invaded by the Volgs. When London lorry driver Bill Savage learnt that his family had been killed by the Volgs, he became a one-man war machine - a persistant thorn in the side of the occupying army. Having adopted the identity of his dead brother, Savage operates out of a bombed-out london, leading the resistance against his hated enemy. Now, business brain Howard Quartz - the CEO of Ro-Busters - has launched an attack on the Volgan forces with his Mark-One War Droids, but the Volgs have some technological tricks of their own, including a functional teleportation device....
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Strontium Dog: The Life and Death of Johnny Alpha by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra.
Rebellion ISBN 978-1781080436, 19 July 2012, 144pp, £14.99. [£11.30 on Amazon]
Earth, the late 22nd century. Many survivors of the devastating Atomic Wars were mutated by Strontium 90 fallout. These mutants became an underclass – hated by the ruling 'norms', the only job left for them was bounty-hunting. The best of the Search/Destroy agents (also known as Strontium Dogs) was a man called Johnny Alpha. He became famous for fighting for mutant rights and died defending his kind from ultimate destruction. But it seems that even death can't keep a good dog down and rumours are circulating about Alpha's return...
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Reuben said...

Don't think the Rat Pack book has been published yet, last email I got from Amazon claimed it might be mid-August, but we'll see.

Steve said...

I think you're probably right. This is the problem of having to update so close to a book's official relese date. I've now shuffled everything around.