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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad I first heard of in relation to Bug Jack Barron and its appearance in New Worlds - I was too young to know anything about the controversy at the time it happened (I was five, about to turn six!) I did hear about it about ten or eleven years later when I was sixteen. The story that caused W. H. Smiths to ban New Worlds and for questions to be asked in Parliament about why the British Arts Council were financing such works. As Spinrad recently said, "What didn’t they like? Supposedly the explicit sex and the “dirty words.” Seems archaic now, the explicit sex was straightforwardly heterosexual and there for story points, and the “Carlin” words are now everywhere except on broadcast television. But Bug Jack Barron smashed what were then taboos in science fiction and did it in a novel that was forthrightly, specifically, revolutionarily political, and I think those were the real reasons."

This isn't Spinrad's only controversial novel. He wasn't able to find a publisher for his novel Osama the Gun. It appeared in France as Oussama (2010) and Spinrad published it as an e-book in 2011. Plenty more information - including stories of his dealings with the Star Trek universe - at his blog, Norman Spinrad at Large, and at the SF Encyclopedia.

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