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Harry Harrison (1925-2012)

Harry Harrison was. of course, a superb writer who may be best known as a writer of surprisingly humorous military SF – satirical rather than the kind of humour that Douglas Adams wrote; or you may prefer his more serious straight SF such as Make Room! Make Room!, which was filmed a Soylent Green, or the religious story 'The Streets of Ashkelon'. You might prefer his Deathworld novels or Stainless Steel Rat novels, or the Bill the Galactic Hero series, the later episodes co-written with, amongst others, Robert Sheckley and Jack C. Haldeman. You might, if your Russian, prefer his Return to Deathworld series. Harry was big in Russia!

I had planned to limit this gallery quite severely so that I could get it out over the weekend. But things went a bit wrong and I found myself digging around looking for some of the missing images. However, I knew I was never going to get this out in reasonable time, so it's still a little half-arsed even for the 1970s, and it then rapidly tails off so that none of his later novels are included. I will have to revisit this column at some point and fix it. But it'll do for now. For more information there's the SFE, Wikipedia and Chris Priest's obituary in The Guardian.

No mention of Harry's extensive comic output which, again, I'll have to come back to.

Deathworld (New York, Bantam, 1960)
Sphere 07221-4350-8, 1973, 157pp, 30p. Cover by Eddie Jones

The Stainless Steel Rat (New York, Pyramid, 1961)
Four Square Books 1605, Sep 1966, 158pp, 3/6. Cover: photo
Sphere 07221-????, 1973
Sphere 07221-???? [2nd imp.] 1974
Sphere 07221-???? [3rd imp.] 1976
Sphere 07221-4437-7 [4th imp.] 1978, 158pp, 75p. Cover by Eddie Jones

Planet of the Damned (New York, Bantam, 1962; as Sense of Obligation, London, Dobson, 1967)
Futura/Orbit 08600-7855-8, 1976, 169pp, 50p.
Orbit ?????-???? [2nd? imp.]

Deathworld 2 (New York, Bantam, 1964)
Sphere 07221-4351-6, 1973, 160pp, 30p. Cover by Eddie Jones

Vendetta for the Saint (as Leslie Charteris) (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1964)

Bill, The Galactic Hero (New York, Doubleday, 1965)
Penguin 2970 (May) 1969. Cover by Franco Grignani
Penguin, 1973
Penguin 0140-02970-2, 1976, 174pp.
---- [xth imp.] 1977. Cover by Mike Little
---- [yth imp.] 1983
VGSF 0575-04701-1, (Mar) 1990, 159pp.
---- [2nd imp.] May 1990
---- [3rd imp.] Sep 1990, 159pp, £3.50. 
Millennium 1857-98905-8, 1999, 159pp.

Plague From Space (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1966; as The Jupiter Legacy, New York, Bantam, 1970)
Sphere 07221-4349-4, 1972, 153pp, 35p. Cover: photo
Sphere 07221-4443-1 [2nd imp.] 1978, 153pp, 85p. Cover by Fred Gambino

Make Room! Make Room! (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1966; as Soylent Green, New York, Berkley, 1973)
Penguin 2664, 1967, 223pp, 4/6. Cover by Alan Aldridge
Penguin [xth imp.] 1973. Movie tie-in.
Penguin [xth imp.] 1982(?), £1.50. Cover by Adrian Chesterman
Penguin 0140-02664-9 [xth imp.] 1986
Penguin 0140-19023-X  [xth imp.] 2008, 232pp.

The Technicolor Time Machine (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1967)
New English Library 2665, May 1970, 142pp, 6/-.
Orbit ????-?????-?, Cover by Chris Achilleos?

Deathworld 3 (New York, Dell, 1968)
Sphere 07221-4352-4, 1973, 157pp, 30p. Cover by Eddie Jones

The Man from P.I.G. New York, Avon, 1968)
(see The Men from P.I.G. and R.O.B.O.T.)

Captive Universe (New York, Putnam, 1969)
Sphere 07721-4347-8, 1972, 185pp, 30p.

The Daleth Effect (New York, Putnam, 1970; as In Our Hands, The Stars, London, Faber, 1970)
Arrow 0099-10450-4, 1975, 217pp, 45p. Cover by David Bergen

The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge (New York, Walker, 1970)
Sphere 07721-4372-9, 1974, 195pp, 40p. Cover by Bruce Pennington?
Sphere 07221-???? [2nd imp.] 1976
Sphere 07221-???? [3rd imp.] 1977
Sphere 07221-4439-3 [4th imp.] 1978, 195pp, 75p.

Spaceship Medic (London, Faber, 1970)
Puffin Books 0140-30853-9, 1976, 141pp. Cover by Tony Roberts
Puffin Books [2nd(?) imp.] 1986.

Tunnel Through the Deeps (New York, Putnam, 1972; as A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!, London, Faber, 1972)
New English Library 0450-02997-2, 1976, 75p.

Stonehenge, with Leon E. Stover (New York, Scribner, 1972)
Sphere 07721-????, 1973
Sphere 07721-4412-1 [2nd imp.] 1977, 237pp, 75p. Cover by Melvyn Grant

The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World (New York, Putnam, 1972)
Sphere 07721-4369-0, 1975, 158pp, 45p.
Sphere 07721-????-? [2nd imp.] 1976.
Sphere 07721-4436-9 [3rd imp.] 1977, 158pp, 75p. Cover by Joe Petagno

Montezuma's Revenge (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1972)
(no UK edition)

Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers (New York, Putnam, 1973)
Futura/Orbit 08600-7850-7, 1976, 190pp, 60p. Cover by Paul Lehr?

The Men from P.I.G. and R.O.B.O.T. (London, Faber, 1974)
Puffin Books 0140-31004-5, 1978, 122pp.

Queen Victoria's Revenge (Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1974)
Sphere 07221-4373-7, 1977, 157pp, 75p.

The California Iceberg (London, Faber, 1975)
Dragon 0583-31140-7, 1987, 91pp.

The Lifeship, with Gordon R. Dickson (New York, Harper, 1976; as Lifeboat, London, Orbit, 1977)
Futura/Orbit, 0860-07930-9, 1977. Cover by Paul Lehr

Skyfall (London, Faber, 1976)
Corgi 0552-10542-2, 1977, 270pp.
Panther 0586-06241-6, 1985, 270pp.

The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! (London, Joseph, 1978)
Sphere 07721-0493-6, 1979, 191pp, 95p. Cover by Peter Elson

Planet Story, illus. Jim Burns (London, Pierrot, 1979)
Pierrot 0905-21013-6, 1979, £5.50.

The QE2 Is Missing (London, Futura, 1980)

Homeworld (New York, Bantam, 1980)
Wheelworld (New York, Bantam, 1981)
Starworld (New York, Bantam, 1981)
Planet of No Return (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1981)

The Stainless Steel Rat Joins the Circus (1999)
Gollancz 1857-98724-1, 2001, 269pp, £5.99. 


War With the Robots (New York, Pyramid, 1962)
Panther Books 0586-04318-7, 1976, 173pp.

Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows (London, Gollancz, 1965)
Sphere 07221-4376-1, 1976, 157pp, 60p. Cover by Jim Burns

Prime Number (New York, Berkley, 1970)
Sphere 07221-4390-7, 1975, 191pp, 60p. Cover by Tony Roberts
Sphere 07221-4435 [2nd imp.] 1978, 191pp, 85p. Cover by Peter Elson

One Step from Earth (New York, Macmillan, 1970)
Arrow 0099-10460-1, 1975, 210pp, 45p. Cover by David Bergen

The Best of Harry Harrison (New York, Pocket Books, 1976; revised, London, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1976)
Stainless Steel Visions (New York, Tor, 1993)
Galactic Dreams (London, Legend, 1994)

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