Sunday, March 20, 2011

W. R. Burnett cover gallery

The following is a selection of Burnett's books that had British paperback editions. A complete bibliography of Burnett's work appears in my Kindle e-article Waiting For Darkness.

Little Caesar
Corgi Books S455, 1957, 188pp, 2/6. Cover by Oliver Brabbins
Hodder Paperbacks 0340-04315-6, 1968, 158pp, 3/6.
No Exit Press 0948-35353-8, 1989, 1989158pp, £1.99.

High Sierra
Corgi Books S536, 1958, 221pp, 2/6. Cover by Oliver Brabbins
Flamingo Books, nd (c.1973), 175pp, 30p.

Nobody Lives Forever
Corgi Books S494, 198pp, 2/6. Cover by S. R. Boldero

Tomorrow's Another Day
Corgi Books S654, 1959, 188pp, 2/6. Cover by Oliver Brabbins

The Asphalt Jungle
Corgi Books T128, 1955, 2/-. Cover by Roger Hall
Corgi Books GC1523
Flamingo Books, nd (c.1973), 176pp, 30p.
Prion 1853-85346-7, 1999, 224pp.

Stretch Dawson
Frederick Muller/Gold Medal 3, 1953, 172pp, 2/-.
Frederick Muller/Gold Medal 447, 1960, 158pp.

Captain Lightfoot
Corgi Books T404, 1957, 253pp, 2/-. Cover by Roger Hall.

Little Men, Big World
Corgi Books S422, 1957, 285pp.
Flamingo Books, nd (c.1973), 252pp, 35p.

Vanity Row
Corgi Books P7, 1956, 222pp.

Big Stan (as by John Monaghan)
Frederick Muller/Gold Medal 75, 1955, 159pp, 2/-.

Adobe Walls
Corgi Books T152, 1956, 192pp, 2/-. Cover by unknown (Osborne?)
Corgi Books SW1211, 1962, 158pp.

Pale Moon
Corgi Books S660, 1959, 252pp, 2/6. Cover by James E. McConnell

Corgi Books 691, 1959, 191pp.

Bitter Ground
Corgi Books SW783, 1960, 223pp, 2/6. Cover by Kossin

Mi Amigo
Corgi Books SW1131, 1962, 157pp.

The Widow Barony
Corgi Books GN1414, 1963, 254pp.

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