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Upcoming Releases: March 2011

An annotated round-up of forthcoming books relating to or reprinting British comics and cartoons, along with some selected original graphic novels. Please note: All dates are subject to change. The regular listing of upcoming titles for 2011 can be found here.

 MARCH 2011 

Darkie's Mob by John Wagner & Mike Western.
Titan Books ISBN 978-1848564428, 25 March 2011, 112pp, £16.99. [£9.99 on Amazon]
In the hellish, humid jungles of Burma, renegade Captain Joe Darkie leads a rag-tag squad of British soldiers behind Japanese lines, transforming them into the brutal 'Darkies Mob'! Narrated in diary form by hapless Private Richard Shortland, Darkie's squad face hardship, horror and vicious combat at every turn, as their Captain's mania threatens to engulf them all. But what is Darkie's terrible secret, and how many will have to die before his bloodlust is finally sated? Acclaimed writer John Wagner ("A History of Violence") and legendary British artist Mike Western ("The Sarge") present the most uncompromising war comic ever published!
Hurricane & Champion: Companion Papers to Valiant by Steve Holland
Bear Alley Books ISBN 978-1907081538, 21 March 2011, 48pp, £8.99.
Hurricane and Champion: The Companion Papers to Valiant details the histories of both papers and reveals—some for the first time—the names of many of the creators behind the classic comic strips that filled their pages. Heavily illustrated throughout, Hurricane and Champion also includes title and creator indexes covering both papers, a gallery of annual covers and has a full-colour cover scanned from original artwork. In his introduction, Steve Holland describes how Hurricane (1964-65) went through four phases during its lifetime and reveals the many problems faced by Champion (1966) during its brief 15-issue run.
The Taxidermist by John Wagner, Cam Kennedy, Steve Dillon & Ian Gibson.
Rebellion ISBN 978-1907519840, 17 March 2011, 128pp, £14.99. [£12.74 on Amazon]
In Mega-City One, aged citizen Jake Sardini practices a delicate art. Human Taxidermy is a highly skilled craft and has been a sport in the Mega-Olympics for several decades. Saradini used to compete internationally and even won a bronze medal in the 2082 Mega-Olympiad, but that was years ago, when he was younger. In 2116 the Mega-Olympics on in Katmandu, Nepal. All the typical sports of the 22nd century are represented: insulting, staring, housework, mountaineering, sex and of course Human Taxidemy. From the pages of 2000 AD!

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