Monday, March 07, 2011

The new books... they really are on their way!

Here are a couple of photos of the new Book Palace Books. The bulk of the books are shipping in from our printers as I type and should be here around the end of the month - I think the scheduled docking date is 28 March but it then takes two or three days to clear customs and get the copies over to the Book Palace warehouse. So pre-orders will probably start to be fulfilled from Monday, 4 April. All dates subject to change, as they say.

I've been having some fun tracking the boat that our books are on, but finding it a little frustrating that the updates aren't more regular. What news I can gather I'll post here and on the Book Palace Books blog.

Both books look absolutely fantastic, despite the shoddy photography. The Don Lawrence Westerns book is a big, solid hardback and the Thriller Libraries is twice the width of the War Libraries volume, thanks to the slightly heavier stock paper used because we were printing in full colour throughout. It looks really good on my reference shelf!

The one book I've not seen is the Wulf the Briton. We only air freighted in a couple of copies of each book as it's so horrifically expensive. So publisher Geoff West and editor Peter Richardson have the Wulfs. Peter has posted some images over on his Cloud 109 blog, which is where the pic below comes from.

The question on everyone's lips now is: what's next. Well, to be honest, we don't know. Long-time readers may recall that I finished a third book last year, which was bumped down the schedule in favour of Wulf. Not that I'm complaining... I've been waiting as long as the rest of you for Wulf the Briton! The book I completed was Adventure Stories of H. Rider Haggard and was made up of three stories—King Solomon's Mines (drawn by C. L. Doughty), Allan Quatermain (drawn by Mike Hubbard) and Montezuma's Daughter (drawn by Jesus Blasco)—which we had complete sets of original artwork for. The artwork has been fully restored, cleaned up and any missing balloons replaced. All I can say is that the pages look fantastic on my computer!

We're in negotiation with a couple of people regarding other strips that we would love to see back into print and will hopefully have some news on those soon. In the meantime, Wulf, Thriller and Wells Fargo are on their way.

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