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James M. Cain cover gallery

For more information on James M. Cain see Wikipedia.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (New York, Knopf, 1934; London, Cape, 1934)
Guild Books 1, (Feb) 1941, 6d.
Guild Books 233, (Aug) 1947, 96pp, 1/-. Cover design
Penguin Books 874, 1952, 122pp. Cover design
Panther Books 1004, Jan 1960, 124pp.
Panther Books 0586-01004-1-2, 1970. Cover photo
Pan Books 0330-26312-9, 1981, 124pp.
Orion Books 0752-86174-3, 2005.

Serenade (New York, Knopf, 1937; London, Cape, 1938)
Penguin Books 902, 1953, 206pp.
Corgi Books GN7284, 173pp.
Pan Books 0330-26341-2, 1981, 173pp.
Orion Books 0752-86175-1, 2005, 210pp.

Mildred Pierce (New York, Knopf, 1941; London, Hale, 1943)
Pocket Books, 1950, 323pp.
----, 1952, 323pp.
Ace Books H233, Nov 1958, 272pp, 3/6. Cover by unknown
Corgi Books FN7205, 1965, 286pp.
Hamlyn 0600-20439-1, 1982, 237pp.

Love's Lovely Counterfeit (New York, Knopf, 1942)
Robert Hale, c.1955, 2/-.
Corgi Books, 1966, 126pp.

Double Indemnity (New York, Avon, 1943)
Orion Books (Crime Masterworks 6) 978-075286427-3, 2005, vii+136pp, 2002.

Three of a Kind (Career in C Major, The Embezzler, Double Indemnity) (New York, Knopf, 1943; London, Hale, 1956)
abridged as Double Indemnity and The Embezzler. London, Pocket Books, 1950, 218pp.
as Double Indemnity. Corgi Books FN7206, 1965, 285pp.

Past All Dishonor (New York, Knopf, 1946)
Robert Hale, 1955, 2/-. Cover by McConnell?
Ace Books H470, Jun 1961, 2/6.
Digit Books R865, May 1964, 160pp, 2/6. Cover by Michel
Corgi Books GN7581, 1967, 124pp, 3/6.
Hamlyn 0600-20440-5, 1983, 126pp.

The Butterfly (New York, Avon, 1947)
Corgi Books, 1966, 70pp

Sinful Woman (New York, Avon, 1947)
(see Jealous Woman, below)

The Moth (New York, Knopf, 1948; London, Hale, 1950; abridged, New York, NAL, 1950)
Ace Books H209, Aug 1958, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Tandem Books 33, 1965, 187pp.
Corgi Books 0552-07958-8, 1968, 286pp.

Jealous Woman (New York, Avon, 1950)
Ace Books H253, Mar 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by John Vernon
[with Sinful Woman] Corgi Books GN7440, 1966, 190pp, 3/6. Cover: photo

The Root of His Evil (New York, Avon, 1951; London, Hale, 1954; as Shameless, New York, Avon, 1958)
Ace Books H296, Sep 1959, 192pp, 2/6. Cover by John Vernon
Corgi Books GN7518, 1966, 175pp, 3/6.

Galatea (New York, Knopf, 1953; London, Hale, 1954)
Ace Books H345, Apr 1960, 156pp, 2/6. Cover by unknown
Corgi Books GN7207, 1965, 158pp.
Magnum 041705840-3, 1981, 158pp.

Mignon (New York, Dial Press, 1962; London, Hale, 1963)
Corgi Books GN7002, 1964, 201pp. Cover by James Avati [US reprint]

The Magician's Wife (New York, Dial Press, 1965; London, Hale, 1966)
Corgi Books 0552-07850-6, 1968, 174pp, 3/6. Cover: photo.

Rainbow's End (Mason-Charter, 1975; London, W. H. Allen, 1975)
Magnum Books 0417-02020-1, 1977, 191pp, 70p. Cover photo by Bill Carter

The Institute (Mason-Charter, 1976; London, Hale, 1977)
Magnum Books 0417-01830-4, 1977.

The Baby in the Icebox and other short fiction, ed. Roy Hoopes (New York, Holt, 1981; London, Hale, 1982)
Penguin Books, 1984

Cloud Nine (New York, Mysterious Press, 1984; London, Hale, 1985)
(no UK paperback?)

The Enchanted Isle (New York, Mysterious Press, 1985)
(no UK paperback?)

Omnibus Editions
Cain Omnibus (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Serenade, Mildred Pierce) (Cleveland, World, 1946)
The Embezzler [and] Double Indemnity (Triangle Books, 1948)
Three of Hearts (Love's Lovely Counterfeit, The Butterfly, Past All Dishonour) (London, Hale, 1949)
Everybody Does It (Career in C Major, The Embezzler) (New York, NAL, 1949)
Jealous Woman [and] Sinful Woman (London, Hale, 1955)
Cain X 3 (The Postman Always Lives Twice, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity), intro. by Tom Wolfe (New York, Knopf, 1969)
Three Novels by James M. Cain (Double Indemnity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Serenade) (New York, Bantam, 1973)
Hard Cain (Sinful Woman, Jealous Woman, Root of His Evil), intro. by Harlan Ellison (Boston, G. K. Hall, 1980)
Four Complete Novels (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity, Serenade) (New York, Avenel Books, 1982)
The Five Great Novels of James M. Cain (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Serenade, Mildred Pierce, Double Indemnity, The Butterfly) (London, Picador, 1985)
Three by Cain (Serenade, Love's Lovely Counterfeit, The Butterfly) (New York, McKay, 1989)
Three Complete Novels (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity, Mildred Pierce) (New York, Wings, 1994)

Our Government (New York, Knopf, 1930; London, Allen & Unwin, 1930)
For Men Only: A Collection of Short Stories (as editor) (Cleveland, World, 1944)
60 Years of Journalism, ed. Roy Hoopes (Bowling Green, OH, Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1985)

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