Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Upcoming Books Round-Up

A few images of recently announced or soon to be published titles.

Reynolds & Hearn have announced the publication of Century 21 Annual 2011 next August reprinting some of the best strips from various Gerry Anderson-related annuals. Due any day now is the fourth volume of their reprint series from the weekly TV Century 21 which, to date, has been fantastic. There's a hardback and softback edition.

Titan Books continue with their attempt to complete the full run of Modesty Blaise with Sweet Caroline in August, with art by Neville Colvin, whose work deserves a second and even third look. Previous attempts to reprint Modesty here in the UK have only managed to cover Jim Holdaway and Romero runs on the strip and Colvin tends to be forgotten, undeservedly so.

A month later there's a second volume of The James Bond Omnibus, re-presenting a good chunk of the Bond newspaper strip drawn by Yarolslav Horak based on the original Ian Fleming novels. Interesting that both volumes are famous British strips drawn by Australasian artists, Colvin from New Zealand and Horak born in Manchuria but raised in Australia.

David Fickling Books have announced their next three titles and a more nicely diverse group you couldn't ask for.

Finally, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention Carlton's trio of titles due out tomorrow. I've not seen copies of the finished books yet so I'll wait until they turn up before posting pages for each of the books in which I'll jot down the names of artists and scriptwriters where known. I hope you'll get behind these books: Carlton have slimmed them down to reduce the price for these credit-cruch times and I'm keen to do more in the future. If that's to happen, these books need your support.

All these and more can be found in the listing below. Have a browse... there's a good mix of titles coming up and hopefully there's something for everyone.

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