Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christie Cover Cavalcade: part 6

This episode of our Christie Cover Cavalcade celebrates the work of Tom Adams. You can find a little more about Adams in a piece that I wrote some years ago for Bear Alley. He also has his own website if you want to learn more about his work.

This is just a selection of the covers he painted for Agatha Christie's books. Adams' work was the subject of Agatha Christie: Cover Story, which appeared from Paper Tiger back in 1981 and is long out of print, but a great book with some fascinating commentary by Adams and Julian Symons if you can find a copy second hand.

Fontana 897

Fontana 950

Fontana 1077

Fontana 1133

Fontana 1418

Fontana 1505

Fontana 1515

Fontana 1729

Fontana 1736

Fontana 1844

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