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Richard Hook (1938-2010)

Richard Hook, whose illustrations appeared in a wide range of publications, including over 50 titles for Osprey Publishing, died on 12 January, aged 71. For two years he had been battling cancer.

Richard J. Hook was born in Godstone Surrey, in 1938, the son of Ernest J. Hook and his wife Leonora J. (nee Warwick). He suffered from rheumatic fever as a child and developed a fascination with history and drawing and a result of enforced idleness. He trained at the Royal College of Art and, after his National Service with the Queen's Royal Regiment, he spent some years with a London advertising agency. In 1962--the same year he married Hilary Litherland--he became art editor of the educational magazine Finding Out, published by Purnell, which brought him into contact with many of the country's leading illustrators. He developed lifelong friendships with other artists, including Ron Embleton and Angus McBride.

When Finding Out folded in 1966, Hook turned freelance and became one of the leading contributors to Look and Learn, as well as working for other children's books and magazines in England and abroad. His association with Osprey Publishing began in the 1970s. Although he illustrated a wide range of subjects, he became best known for his books on American Indians, the first of which was written by his son, author and publisher Jason Hook. His other children, Adam and Christa, are established illustrators.

Richard Hook was one of the finest illustrators for children's magazines, drawing a wide variety of historical, fantasy and nature subjects for Look and Learn, Bible Story, Treasure and Once Upon a Time. I always thought his best work was the scenes he drew of bustling streets in historical times, whether they were Edwardian, Victorian or further back in time, a small selection of which I've put in below. These scenes always struck me as being full of life and joy. You can find many more of his illustrations on the Look and Learn Picture Gallery.

A very good tribute to Hook by Martin Windrow has been published on the Osprey website. A page has been set up for donating to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity in Richard's memory.


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(* Illustrations from Look and Learn © Look and Learn Ltd.)


  1. He was a fantastic artist and an inspiration to many others.

  2. I loved his illustrations and they will forever be a huge influence on me and my own art work. Thank you for being an inspiration to many would be artists like myself



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