Friday, March 19, 2010

Comic Cuts - 19 March 2010

After last week's scanning excitement, this week has been poor by contrast, tidying up over 600 scans so they can be sent off to Finland. Add a 72-hour cold that I presumably picked up at the weekend which wiped me out mid-week (and is still hanging around) to the dull but heavy workload and I've not been having the best of times. And it started so well, as we went ten-pin bowling and I won (first time in years!), had a nice weekend with friends celebrating a couple of birthdays and picked up a nice little job scanning some book covers (not brilliantly paid, but all money for the pot).

Next week it'll be back work on the Haggard book, re-lettering "King Solomon's Mines", so I should have some samples for you by the next Comic Cuts column.

"Rupert of Hentzau" finishes tomorrow so I'll have a dig around on Sunday for something new to begin Monday. I already have an idea but I'll have to see if I have all the necessary issues.

So that's all for this week... I'm off for a Lemsip.

(* Artwork is from Air Ace Picture Library #53, "Day of Reckoning", artwork by Ian Kennedy, © IPC Media.)

1 comment:

  1. My favorite Air Ace ever - anyone that hasn't read this one is in for a treat.

    Brilliant artwork and a script to match.

    Very exciting Steve and some great restoration work too.



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