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Monday, January 11, 2010

Swipe File

Thanks to Domingos Isabelinho we have a fine example of international swiping. The first image from the Enero 22 (January 22nd) 1958 issue of the Argentinean comic Hora Cero Suplemento Semanal (issue 21) and the second from Thriller Picture Library 302, from January 1960. The first is an image relating to the "Randall the Killer" strip by Arturo del Castillo, the latter a cover by Nino Caroselli. The connection is Creazioni D'Ami, the Italian agency which was representing the European sales of the Randall strip and via whom Caroselli worked for the UK.

A quick note regards Bear Alley: for those of you wondering what has happened to the comic strips, I've simply not had any time to get anything loaded up to Blogger. As I've been scanning and cleaning strips all week, the thought of doing more over the weekend for fun struck me as... well, not much fun, to be honest. I did have some covers ready for uploading (as you'll have seen, or will see below) and I've been working on the next part of the Comic Novelisations and Tie-Ins listing that has been on pause for a couple of months now as it involves an incredible number of images—I uploaded 94 covers this weekend and I've still got quite a way to go.

Acksherley, as Dickie Morton used to say, I did have a comic strip I wanted to post but when I dug it out I found that I had a couple of issues missing. Rats! I won't say what it is as I want it to be a surprise and I'll pick up those missing issues at some point.

But don't panic... I've plenty of other ideas of strips that deserve to be rediscovered and once I get this latest load of scanning cleared, the strips will be back.


Mike W said...

Any chance of Mytek the Mighty one day?

Spencer said...

Hi Steve, have you still got any Bear Alley Books available? I only have Phantom Patrol and really want to get Cursitor Doom and the Johnny Future tomes as well !