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Friday, January 01, 2010

Comic Cuts: Charts w/e 19 & 26 December

I delayed posting the chart for 19 December in the hope that I might be able to discover some actual numbers... then got caught up in Christmas, so here are the latest chart positions for the last two weeks.

Top 10 Annuals (week ending 19 December 2009)
1 (1) Beano Annual (
2 (4) The Official Doctor Who Annual (
3 (3) Hannah Montana Annual (
4 (2) Ben 10 Alien Force Annual (
5 (7) Private Eye Annual (
6 (8) High School Musical Annual (
7 (6) Match Annual (
8 (9) Broons Annual (
9 (-) The X Factor Annual (
10 (10) Peppa Pig: The Official Annual (

Top 9 Annuals (week ending 26 December 2009)
1 (1) Beano Annual (27,514)
2 (2) The Official Doctor Who Annual (16,956)
3 (-) WWE Annual (
4 (3) Hannah Montana Annual (
5 (7) Match Annual (
6 (6) High School Musical Annual (
7 (9) The X Factor Annual (
8 (8) Broons Annual (
9 (4) Ben 10 Alien Force Annual (

I expect annual sales to fall away sharply in the new year, so it's unlikely that we will see nearly as many books hit the Neilsen Top 50 (from which I create these charts). In the past, there would have been a boost from January Sales as the price of annuals dropped, but sellers like Amazon selling their annuals for around £4 throughout the whole selling season and many shops following that trend, it's unlikely that anyone has had to wait for a bargain to be had. Once kids have spent their Christmas money, that's likely to be it.


  1. Alastair CromptonJan 1, 2010, 3:03:00 PM

    Do you really get up at five in the morning to write our blog?
    Alastair Crompton

  2. Sad to see that the Rupert Annual which used to almost match the Beano @ Dandy in sales, is nowhere to be seen in the top selling books.

  3. Alastair,

    No, I'm not usually up at five in the morning. I usually write blog posts late in the evening, often drifting into the early hours of the next day; I also line up a number of posts (especially when I'm running a strip) so that I don't have to worry about writing something new each and every evening (I do have a social life). Five o'clock was a random choice but as good a time as any to schedule a new post.


    All the figures are down but that may be because more people are buying online, which doesn't show up on the Nielsen figures, although they claim to cover 90% of all major book sales outlets, many of the other 10% being specialised booksellers.

  4. Mike,

    I've just discovered that Nielsen's BookScan TCM (Total Consumer Market) data does include and a number of other online retailers in its figures, which puts paid to my theory that the fall in sales is due to a shift towards online buying. The numbers genuinely do appear to be down, although I need access to more figures (including historical data) to say that with any certainty.