Monday, January 25, 2010

Comic Cuts: 25 January 2010

A quick bit of blog news. Our first strip of the year begins tomorrow and runs to the end of the week—a nice short one by Ramon Sola, best-known to most British comics' readers as the artist of "Hook Jaw" in Action. This one is a little less frenetic but still full of action as it adapts the classic American Civil War story The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.

Now that I've completed work on the Wells Fargo artwork (finished it late Friday night—example above), I'm feeling a little more inclined towards sorting out the strip content on Bear Alley, so I should have another strip starting about the middle of next week, following the monthly Recent Releases and Upcoming Releases columns, which I'll be updating this week for publication next Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I'll still have some time to write up some more columns about forgotten writers as I'm still steadily tidying up some of my shelves and scanning covers whenever I get a chance; last night I scanned another twenty covers for the Christie Cover Cavalcade, which pretty much clears me out. Mind you, there are still a few boxes of books I've not had a look at yet... who knows what might turn up.

The latest episode of the Comics Novelisations and Tie-Ins listing was posted yesterday (scroll down if you missed it) and I'll try to get the final section up in a more timely fashion. And I've some ideas for future galleries which should keep me and the scanner busy for a few months to come.

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