Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The DFC: Authors and Artists

The following list of contributors to The DFC includes some links to personal websites/blogs where known.

John Aggs (w - The Boss; a - The Adventures of John Blake) (website - inactive)
Patrice Aggs (a - The Boss) (website)
Dan Boultwood (a - Prince of Baghdad)
Adam Brockbank (a - Mezolith) (website)
Kate Brown (w/a - The Spider Moon) (website) (blog)
Neill Cameron (w - Mo-Bot High) (blog) (Wikipedia)
Jason Cobley (w - Frontier) (blog)
Wilbur Dawbarn (w/a - Bodkin and the Bear) (website) (blog)
Robert Deas (w/a - Spectrum Black) (website)
Ted Dewan (a - Doodlit) (website) (Wikipedia)
Lawrence Etherington (a - Monkey Nuts) (website) (blog)
Robin Etherington (w - The Strange World of Weird, Monkey Nuts) (website)
John Gatehouse (w - Lazarus Lemming)
Ben Haggarty (w - Mezolith) (website)
Julian Hanshaw (w/a - Chicken Caesar Jnr.) (website)
Leo Hartas (a - Mirabilis) (website)
Laura Howell (w/a - The Mighty M; a - Sneaky!) (website) (blog)
Nikos Koutsis (a - Mirabilis) (website - inactive) (blog)
Tony Lee (w - Prince of Baghdad) (website) (Wikipedia)
Simone Lia (w/a - Sausage & Carrots) (website)
Sarah McIntyre (w/a - Vern & Lettuce) (website) (blog)
Martin McKenna (a - Mirabilis) (website)
Jim Medway (w/a Crab Lane Crew, New at the Zoo) (website) (blog)
Dave Morris (w - Mirabilis) (Wikipedia)
Gary Northfield (w/a - Little Cutie) (website) (blog)
Peadar O'Guilin (w - Sneaky!)
Woodrow Phoenix (w/a That's a Horse of a Different Colour) (Wikipedia)
Philip Pullman (w - The Adventures of John Blake) (Wikipedia)
Misako Rocks (website) (blog)
Nick Sharratt (a - What Does The DFC Stand For?) (Wikipedia)
Dave Shelton (w/a - Good Dog, Bad Dog) (website) (blog)
Zak Simmonds-Hurn (a - The Strange World of Weird)
Jamie Smart (w/a - The DFC Olympics) (blog) (Wikipedia)
James Turner (w/a - Super Animal Adventure Squad) (blog)
Emma Vieceli (w/a - Violet) (blog) (Wikipedia)
John Welding (a - Will Scoggin's Skull) (website) (blog)
Andrew Wildman (a - Frontier) (blog)
Dave Windett (a - Lazarus Lemming) (website)

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