Monday, March 16, 2009

Comic Cuts

Just a brief note. I was out for most of the weekend, hence no posts. Yesterday was the ABC show, which I thoroughly enjoyed. As I had nothing to sign, I spent the day wandering around, chatting and even managed to sneak off for a coffee. Normally I rush a couple of photos onto Bear Alley when I get home but (a) I forgot my camera and (b) the trains were an even bigger mess than usual so I didn't get back 'till late and watched the first episode of the new No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series instead of blogging.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.

Something I was pleased about yesterday was the good reaction we had to the news that we were reprinting Frank Bellamy's First World War series from Look and Learn. I dragged my laptop up to the show to let people see what it would look like and generate a bit of interest for the book. I also picked up from Geoff a photo of one of Bellamy's original art boards which I've been able to compare to the cleaned-up version I produced last week from a scan off the page. One or two people were a little nervy when I said we were using scans where we had to but I hope you'll agree that the scanned version holds up pretty well in comparison and I think the book will look spectacular once it's printed.

(* Artwork © Look and Learn Magazine Ltd.)

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