Friday, March 27, 2009

Who the heck is Hrook Zadin?

The Knockout Annual for 1961 includes an episode of "Firebrand the Red Knight", drawn in the weekly Knockout by the easily recognisable Pat Nicolle. The Annual story on the other hand is signed by an artist I don't otherwise recognise: the signature looks like Hrook Zadin but may be Hrok Badin or Hrak Zaltin or some variation.

Anyone got a clue who this guy is?

UPDATED 29 March 2009

David Roach steps up to the plate:
I was tickled to see your piece about the knockout annuals mystery artist, Hrook Zadin. The square-jawed hero was the giveaway to me before I saw the signature. This is an artist you first knew as Kimo (for Enrique) Badia, or Enrique Badia Romero to the rest of us . I don't quite get the Hrook bit, but it's definitely Romero - and one of his earliest British strips I'd say.
David thinks the 'Hrook' "is actually Kimo just scrawled rather too decoratively," although I'd have to say that the cross-stroke on the 'H' looks too precise... I'm now thinking that Hrook, or something similar that would fit the signature, might be a common Spanish corruption for Enrique, in the same way that Edward can be shortened to Ed, Eddie or Ted.

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