Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tony Weare's City Under the Sea

A pre-Christmas treat. Franco Giacomini has very kindly sent over scans of a sequence from an early strip drawn by Tony Weare, shortly before he began the strip on which his fame rests, "Matt Marriott". "City Under the Sea" was published in 1954 in the Daily Herald. Enjoy!

(* The City Under the Sea © possibly News International who eventually took over The Sun under which title the Herald was relaunched in 1964. From the "Believe It Or Not" files: the Herald was once edited by George Lansbury, grandfather of the recently deceased Oliver Postgate.)


  1. Steve, I have been trying to email you using your
    steve @ address, but it isn't recognised. Is this address complete?

    It's the anniversary of Denis Gifford's birth on the 26th December and i was wondering if there is any chance of you reprinting your interview with him from Model Mart? I have read masses of his work on comics, but know precious little about him as a person - especially his younger years. It would be fantastic to see a feature (or preferably the complete interview)to mark the occasion.

    Any chance? Anyway, look forward to reading your blog all through 2009. All the Best for the coming year.

  2. One obituary gave George Lansbury as the father-in-law of Oliver Postgate while another agrees with you & that he was Oliver's grandfather. He certainly inherited some of his political views but would not have overlapped with his grandfather for as long.

  3. Hi Mike,

    George Lansbury was the father of Oliver Postgate's mother, Daisy Postgate, nee Lansbury, which made him father-in-law to Postgate's dad, Raymond. I suspect learned most of his pacifist and humanist views from his father, a conscientious objector during WW1. Raymond was a journalist on the Daily Herald which is how he came to meet Lansbury and his daughter, whom he married in 1918.

  4. Dave,

    I doubt if I could get anything together by the 26th but I do have a notion about putting the run of features I wrote for Model together in some form in the future along with new material I've discovered in the interim. Something to think about once I've got the long-delayed Mike Western Story back on track.

    If you lose the spaces in the address it should work... it's my small attempt to avoid spamming.

  5. My name is also Steve. I visited london for the first time in the summer of 1956, and stayed with Jasmine Chatterton at 28 Montpelier Street. I paid 10 dollars A week, which included breakfast. I have some very amusing stories about her. I can be contacted at 212-929-3846 in the morning, before 11.



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