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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas toys from 45 years ago

Since the scanner's on and the comics are to hand, I can't resist posting some toy adverts from 45 years ago as advertised in Lion in 1963.


Tony Woolrich said...

Hi Steve,

That takes me back. look at the prices - 42/5 for a gift. What's that in today's money? Also guineas. How many of today's youngsters would know what they were. No plastic models either. All practical hands-on stuff.

Michael Martin said...

I find it interesting how much people cocentrate on adverts in old comics, are they really that interesting? There's one ebay seller who always has big stocks of DCT "Big Five" storypapers, but rather than informing buyers if Alf Tupper or Wolf Of Kabul feature in the stories it's always "Contains amazing adverts!" and then posts pictures of ads for Corgi cars! My mum and a couple of friends of mine are the same when i show them Union Jacks from the 1900's, so it's not just people wanting to look back on the toys of "thier youth"

Chap O'Keefe said...

What took me back in time was the Green Street, Enfield address for J W Spear & Sons. This was very close to where I used to live. The Spear's "factory" was on the right, just before you got to the stop/terminus for the 135 bus route at Brimsdown and the level crossing and railway station. Spear's was where my now wife's grandmother had used to work, and near to where she had her flat. Just before Christmas, as a teenager, the suburban streets of "semi-detacheds" in this area were where I had a round as a temporary postman, delivering mainly greetings cards.