Sunday, December 28, 2008

Paperback Fanatic #8

Although I spend more time on Bear Alley talking about old British comics, I've not lost my love for old British paperbacks. I do the occasional cover gallery to keep that side of my life afloat, although they take so darned long to put together that I don't produce that many.

Thankfully, there's also The Paperback Fanatic, Justin Marriott's superb fanzine, to keep the torch burning. Issue 8 (December 2008) has just appeared, filled to the brim with fine features and an interview with Terry Harknett as a centre-piece. There are articles on various New English Library horror novels, a look at Jim Sterenko's book covers, a feature on the men's adventure series SAS Malko by Gerard de Villiers and a look at 1970s paperback editions of Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was a real trip down memory lane for me as I had most of them. A lively letter's column wraps up the issue.

If any of this brings back memories, give the magazine a try. Its popularity has meant that most of the earlier issues are now sold out, although I spy at the Paperback Fanatic website that issue 7 is still available. This new issue was, I believe, to have been relaunched by the folks behind Crikey! with a new first issue (see the cover scan below). Nice clear layouts and good cover reproductions have been a feature of the magazine since its inception, and this issue is no different. It's a steal at £3.99.

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