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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Princess Marigold Episode 2

Continuing the audio adventure "Princess Marigold and the Magic Spell". King Florian, his daughter, Princess Marigold, and all his courtiers have been turned into animals. Oh, my! What will they do now?

If you missed the first episode, scroll down a little way.

Princess Marigold Episode 2 (running time: 5m 41s):

(* Princess Marigold and the Magic Spell © Look and Learn Magazine Ltd.)


Will Grenham said...

Steve, can you confirm (or not!) if the art for this strip is by Giorgio Bellavitis?

One of the illustrations you show is available as a giclee print from, where it credited to Bellavitis, but I notice that the page reproduced from Treasure that contains this illustration on the Look and Learn site indicates 'artist unknown'.

Steve said...

Hi Will,

Yes, the artist is Bellavitis and I presume allposters are making a print available via one of the picture libraries that Look and Learn is represented by. Odd that the L&L site still has it tagged as "artist unknown". Could be it was posted before I was involved.