Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ellis Evans

Ellis W. Evans is another of the authors associated with the war libraries published by Fleetway Publications who has proved elusive. Other than that he lived at 59 Gordon Mansions, Torrington Place, London W.C.1 in around 1961-63, I've not found anything about him. He had a brief career, mostly writing for War Picture Library, notably one of the stories illustrated by Hugo Pratt. I should add that writers credits are far from complete for many comics and picture libraries so this list is likely to be very incomplete.


Lone Commando, illus. Jorge Moliterni (War Picture Library 36, Feb 1960)
Pathfinder, illus. Hugo Pratt (War Picture Library 40, Mar 1960)
Sky High, illus. F. Solano Lopez (Air Ace Picture Library 5, Mar 1960)
Raven Over Berlin, illus. Nevio Zeccara (War Picture Library 44, Apr 1960)
Breaking Point, illus. F. A. Philpott (War Picture Library 64, Sep 1960)
The Whispering Death, illus. Nevio Zeccara (War Picture Library 70, Oct 1960)
Divided We Fall, illus. Nevio Zeccara (War Picture Library 127, Dec 1961)

Note: "Lone Commando" was reprinted in Unleash Hell.

(* The cover at the top of the column is from the original artwork by Nino Caroselli for War Picture Library 44 and is © IPC Media.)

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