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Friday, October 31, 2008

Cursitor Doom

It's Hallowe'en and I thought I'd treat you to an episode of Cursitor Doom. Some of you may remember seeing one of his stories in the Albion Origins collection so you'll know a little of his background. The strip was drawn by Eric Bradbury, one of my favourite artists. Eric was responsible for many of the finest strips I read when I was growing up ('House of Dolmann' was a huge favourite) so I am completely biased in his favour. I had the great fortune to meet Eric in 1993; he was in his early seventies, snowy-haired, charming and gracious and nothing like the dark, brooding artist you would expect to be drawing the dark, brooding comic strips that were his forte. Ken Mennell, whom I never got to meet, was the author and creator of Doom, who first appeared on 15 March 1969 when Smash! was relaunched by IPC.

So, here for your Hallowe'en pleasure, is the first ever episode. Enjoy...

(* Cursitor Doom © IPC Media.)


Katherine said...

Thanks for the treat.

Ken Davidson said...

Now, finally, I can see the point of Eric Bradbury. My earliest experience of his work was some stuff he did for 2000ad - his style always seemed at odds with this comic, he certainly wasn't comfortable drawing alien Dictators of Zrag and rocket-like King's Reach Tower ;)

Horror, mystery, suspense, Eric.

Mark Jones said...

Someone, somewhere, anywhere, please bring out a complete collection of the 'Cursitor Doom' stories. That artwork!!