Wednesday, October 08, 2008

As Others See Us

"There's plenty of saucy sizzle in the comic books for sale, too, with a large dose of violence thrown into the mix.

"That doesn't mean there isn't any variety.

"It's not just books about axe-wielding maniacs, you'll find here.

"There are also stories about axe-wielding zombies."

Lorne Jackson of the Sunday Mercury (6 October) reports from the Birmingham International Comic Show. She may not be able to string a paragraph longer than a sentence together but she clearly knows what comics are all about. And, apparently, it took Mike Collins drawing her in Doctor Who Magazine to turn Billie Piper into a sex bomb. Genetics and a push-up bra had nothing to do with giving the "chipmunk-faced cherub" her allure. It's all down to Mike. "But Mike is no plastic surgeon," reveals Lorne. "He's a comic book artist."

You can find the whole sorry feature under the heading "Lycra-clad women and axe wielding maniacs at comedy show" at the Sunday Mercury website.

(* Screen grab from the above linked article © Midland Newspapers Ltd.)

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