Monday, June 23, 2008

PC49 Puzzle

Many years ago, someone sent me a colour photocopy of a PC49 puzzle which I used to illustrate an article on Alan Stranks. It turned up at the weekend while I was trying to sort through some of the reams of paperwork, scribbled notes and yellowing newspaper clippings that have built up over the years.

I'm not sure when this was issued—around 1955, I'd guess—but it was produced by Tower Jigsaws and the story was illustrated by one of Bear Alley's favourites, Roland Davies.

While trying to track down the date, I stumbled across Beyond Dixon of Dock Green: Early British Police Series by Susan Sydney-Smith on Google Books. Page 97 includes the erroneous statement that "Eagle was a boys' comic published by Chad Varah, evangelical Christian and press baron." We all make mistakes (if you scroll down to the additions and corrections section here, you can see some of mine!) but, since the book was published as recently as 2002, I'd have thought a quick search of the internet would have revealed the truth in a few seconds.

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