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Friday, June 27, 2008

Lee Gibbons

A mini-gallery of three covers by Lee Gibbons, whose work I really like. I tend to think of him as a recent addition to the many British SF cover artists I like but he's been around since the late 1980s. Guess I was looking the other way and missed him—although there's always that frustrating habit of publishers not to credit cover artists. These are the three dustjackets that appeared on Ken Macleod's 'Engines of Light' trilogy.

The first one reminds me of Tim White—the colouring especially. The last is more like Chris Moore. Two excellent artists, so I hope Lee won't mind the comparison.

(* artwork © Lee Gibbons.)


Frank Böhmert said...

Great artist. Do you know if he runs his own homepage somewhere? I didn't find anything.

I'm just trying to get him a nomination for the German Kurd Lasswitz award, look here:

Best wishes from Berlin,
Frank Boehmert

Steve said...


As far as I know, Lee Gibbons doesn't have a home page or a blog. Could be he's just too busy to worry about such things. A dig around the net didn't even turn up the name of his agent.

badger said...

Have a look at, which is a site under construction, but does have contact details.

Steve said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Badger.

Frank Böhmert said...

Yeah, Badger, thanks.

But I think as long as Mr. Gibbons' site is under construction, I stay with linking to this fine little gallery here, Steve.

Ok guys, I'll send word about the outcome of my nomination proposal.

Bye, Frank