Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Comic Cuts: Upcoming Books

I've not had much chance to catch up with announcements of new titles but a quick search shows that there hasn't been much new announced since the last time I did a trawl. So, as a treat, here are cover images from the final two volumes of Trigan EmpireThe Collection which should be appearing later this year.

The first image is from volume 1 which is the next volume I'm working on; the second image is from volume 12 which will be the final volume in the series, although I somehow doubt that will be the end of the road for DLC's revival of the Trigan Empire.

Talking of upcoming books, Carlton have released the above cover image for The Best of Punch Cartoons, edited by Helen Walasek (ISBN 978-1853756795, 1 September 2008). "This, the biggest collection of cartoons ever published from the most famous humour magazine of them all, is packed with superb gags and beautiful artwork by some of the world's finest artists of the past two centuries. The page size is huge, showing the cartoon art off in the best possible manner. And, at more than 600 pages, this book is an essential purchase for any fan of cartoons, visual humour or of the legendary "Punch" magazine."


An excuse to relist a couple of items I've previously listed, this time with the proper links off to Amazon which I managed to screw up when I did the reviews (now fixed). Also I've updated the Rebellion release list for the first half of 2008 (which you can find here) with some additional covers and contents info.


Comic Art Now: The Very Best in Contemporary Comic Art and Illustration by Dez Skinn (ISBN 978-1905814251, 1 May 2008). Reviewed here.

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History, Volume 1: From Birth to the 1970s by Tim Pilcher (ISBN 978-1905814220, 2 June 2008). Reviewed here.


Slaine the King. ISBN 978-1905437665, 15 May 2008. Contains 'The Tomb of Terror' (Progs 447-461) by Pat Mills, Glenn Faby and David Pugh; 'Spoils of Annwn' (493-499) by Mills & Mike Collins/Mark Farmer; 'Slaine the King' (500-519) by Mills & Fabry; 'The Killing Field' (582) by Angie Kincaid & Fabry; 'Slaine the Mini-Series (589-591) by Mills & Fabry.

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