Monday, June 16, 2008

From Top Secret to Action

Richard Sheaf has sent over another example of Fleetway's recycled covers. The cover for Top Secret Picture Library no.31 (1975) became to cover to Action Annual 1982 six years later.

Top Secret was one of my favourites when I was a kid. It featured the adventures of John Havok, an unwilling agent of a British Secret Service department, blackmailed into risking his life after he was unfairly blamed for the crash of a plane. John Havok of the original illustration becomes Dredger of D.I.6—another of my favourite characters from that era. Guess I just had a thing for reluctant secret agents.


  1. Steve, the first good news I found on my topic search for John Havoc.

    Could you please englighten us more on the creators for this wonderful character. I am trying to collate a comic post on the wonderful titles published in Tamil Comics with John Havoc stories, and your help would be able to put them right on with some background info.


  2. Hi Bear Alley,
    Another John Havoc fan, I trying to locate the original publisher name so I can purchase the books or any way of getting hold of those wonderful stories.

  3. I have the entire collection of John Havoc (also featuring Jason Wylde) Top Secret Library pocket book comics from circa 1974 (IPC Magazines). Are they worth anything to a collector? I remember buying them as a schoolkid (in the UK) and found them so riveting that I kept them. Around 40 or 50 in the series - first to what was stated as the last edition. Email me at



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