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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rip Kirby

I usually get a good response to pleas for help so I hope you'll indulge me. I'm trying to locate the original titles for a bunch of Rip Kirby strips drawn by Alex Raymond. The strips were reprinted in the UK in 1958-59 but Raymond's run on the strip sadly came to an end with his death in 1956.

Rip Kirby was reprinted in the UK in the Daily Express, I believe, and, subsequently, in a cut-up format in the Super Detective Library. I've been able to i.d. some of the stories but there are a few that remain elusive -- all the strips were retitled given titles where the original strips had no titles. So I'm hoping that Rip Kirby fans will be able to i.d. some of the stories I'm scratching my head over and identify their original appearances. I've used a checklist that can be found here for dates and unofficial titles.

Below, 'Rip Kirby in Duel With Danger!'. Published in the UK in 1958 and featuring Rip's nemesis, The Mangler. I'm thinking this might be the story unofficially known as 'Treasure Hunt', also published as 'Buried Treasure' (06/12--09/23/50).
Next up, #130. 'Rip Kirby and the Race of Death' -- wherein Rip is racing cars and getting tangled up with Jet Allyson. Not sure what this one might have been but it dates from 1953 and could be the strip that ran 05/11--09/05/53.

'Rip Kirby's Dangerous Manhunt' appeared here in 1958 and might be 'Return of the Mangler' (05/26--09/27/52) but, as he returned more than once, it would be useful if someone could confirm it one way or the other. Pagan Lee is also involved.

Next: 'Rip Kirby and the Prisoner of Doom Castle'. This one first appeared in 1954 but could be one of a couple of stories.

There are three more stories that I've yet to identify... but I'll have to post those later as I need to sort out the scans. These should keep you all busy for now. And if you can't contribute to the Rip Kirby Story Hunt, at least you've had a chance to take a look through some examples of Alex Raymond at his best.

If anyone has any scans of Rip Kirby strips from the 1950s, I'll be happy to post them to show how the British versions were altered to fit the pocket library format.

(* Rip Kirby © King Features Syndicate)


  1. There's no "original" titles about RIP KIRBY.
    I know British strips have a title, but, usually, American strips don't have it.


  2. Hi

    I've used a checklist that can be found here for dates and unofficial titles.

    Well, I made that list from the only "index" I have seen trying to make a complete listing of Rip Kirby, Alex Raymond and later Prentice! For the titles, well, they are not the "original", but as "anonymous" said there are none.

    I also have all these stories stored on my H-drive if you want example strips.


  3. Hi Ivan,

    Drop me a line directly at the address just below the photo (top right); I'll be happy to take you upon your offer. It would be very useful to be able to compare the originals to how they appeared in Super Detective Library.