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Friday, February 29, 2008

Clarks Commandos Series 0 - part 2

More adventures with Clarks Commandos! Scroll down if you missed the previous episode.

Artwork is by Tom Kerr and you'll be able to read part 3 tomorrow!


  1. If Kit Carson and his Clarks Commandos didn't appear in the mass slaughter that was Grant Morrison's "Zenith" then they certainly should have.

    I seem to recall a number of classic juvenile character meeting their maker by getting buses (and the like) dropped on their heads.

    If General Jumbo could get snuffed out then what hope for the commandos?

    Very little...unless of course their sturdy shoes could protect them from tans-dimensional demonic entities.

  2. Er...obviously I meant "Kit Carter".

    Kit Carson being, of course, a legend of the American West (who may or may not have worn Clarks shoes).

  3. If I admit that I had to correct some of the earlier posts where I'd called Kit Carter Kit Carson, you won't tell anyone, will you?

    Personally, I think if Grant got hold of Kit we'd be in for some bizarre Situationist shenanigans -- after all, they spend all their time walking everywhere which lends itself automatically to some sort of dérive-inspired labyrinthine urban nightmare where psycho-geography meets tough shoes.

  4. issue_0401_20_Sep_1969.jpg
    Kit Carter's CC's first frame - "Kit Carson and his commandos suspect two men..."
    "earlier posts where I'd called Kit Carter Kit Carson," I wouldn't worry about it.