Friday, February 29, 2008

Frank Bellamy's Robin Hood

Published in 31 March 2008, Frank Bellamy's Robin Hood: The Complete Adventures collects together the two Robin Hood strips ('Robin Hood and His Merry Men' and 'Robin Hood and Maid Marian') drawn by Frank Bellamy for Swift in 1956-57. The strip ran a total of 67 episodes and featured some of Bellamy's finest work in black & white. This is the first time the strip has been reprinted complete and unbowdlerised. The book is available from or directly from the publisher.

The Book

Published by Book Palace Books in March 2008. 144 pages. Edited and introduced by Steve Holland. (ISBN-13: 9780955159633)

Even at this early stage of Bellamy's career, his work was remarkably confident and detailed; if you've never seen these strips before prepare to be amazed! Soft Cover Black & White

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  1. Hi Steve

    I ust got my copy of Robin Hood, and it's a beautiful looking thing. Your introduction is a solid, fact-packed and scolarly piece of work which sets up the book beautifully.

    The only problem with the book, and this is just me, is that I imagine all the dialogue being spoken with a Received English accent, all very stiff upper lip and 50s BBC.

    David Simpson

  2. I suspect the style of writing was dictated by where it appeared: since Swift was aimed at young children, I would have thought writer Clifford Makins (who was also the editor) probably deliberately chose to write it in clear English (which, to most, would have been BBC English) rather than introduce archaic words and phrases.

    Mind you, that's just a guess.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for letting us know about the Bellamy Robin Hood. I may order a copy!! It is hard to get desent information on new comics published in UK, so thanks again (I am in Norway BTW).

    I also saw two new jeff Hawke at Amazon, any onformations about these??


  4. Steve

    Got my copy of the book and enjoyed every page even the two that are the same, which I must admit gave me a slight chuckle :o) The reproduction is good and having all of Frank's Robin Hood strips in a single volume is long overdue. Cudos to you.

    Peter Hansen Vancouver

  5. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the compliment. I've long said that all I want is to be able to walk over to my shelves and pull out collections of strips as and when I fancy reading them. Hopefully we're heading towards that day, one or two strips at a time.

    And hopefully you also got the corrected page which has been inlaid into every copy of the Bellamy book. Believe me, chuckling wasn't what we were doing when we found out... I'm surprised you didn't hear the cursing out there in Canada!



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