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Friday, November 09, 2007

The New Dan Dare

One door closes...

... another one opens.

Wakefield Carter has posted information and images relating to the new Dan Dare series from Virgin Comics. A long feature by Gary Erskine explains some of the thinking behind the new monthly comic. Talking of the look he has created for Dan, he explains: "Dan Dare himself was tricky. We all had a lot of ideas of how he should look and the expectations were high. The fans also have a particular idea of what Dare should look like! The story is set ten years after the Frank Hampson era (although comic story timelines are notoriously vague) so we had an older Dare to contend with too. After various sketches and actor influences (George Clooney to Gregory Peck) we settled on a stylized hero face indirectly referencing ALL the previous suggestions. The zig zag eyebrows are still there, as is the slicked back hair and chiselled features. And the strong jaw! It wouldn't be Dare without that strong chin and British resolve?"

You'll find much more from behind the scenes by following the above link.

(* Dan Dare © Dan Dare Corporation; images from the new Dan Dare comic © Virgin Comics. The top pic. is from Eagle v.3 no.22 (September 5, 1952), a period when Chad Varah was writing and Harold Johns drawing.)

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