Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Adventures of the Bovril Brigade

About a month ago I ran two episodes of The Adventures of the Bovril Brigade, an advertising strip that ran in various papers in 1962 drawn by Frank Hampson. At the time I linked to The Lost Characters of Frank Hampson website which mentioned that other Bovril half-pages had been drawn by Richard Jennings. Well, I think I've tracked them down. The following four Bovril adverts ran in Children's Newspaper in 1961. For completists the four adverts appeared September 23, 1961 (reprinted January 27, 1962), October 14, 1961 (reprinted February 17, 1962), November 25, 1961 (reprinted March 10, 1962) and December 9, 1961 (reprinted March 31, 1962).

The artist Richard Jennings (1921-1997) is best known for his work in Eagle, where he drew "Storm Nelson", and TV Century 21, where he drew "The Daleks". Another excellent but forgotten artist.

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