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Friday, September 14, 2007

Nature Corner

Working from home, you tend to find entertainment wherever you can. The mouse family are top viewing for us this week, especially now that they're climbing trees to eat the elderberries. Taking snapshots out the kitchen window didn't work so I risked going outside to get closer and... well, you can see the results. Ahhhhh... cute... just don't try coming into the house.


Kate said...

Bless it! It's a wood mouse!

I love your blog.

Steve said...

Thanks, Kate. Nice to have it confirmed. With the little cold snap we're having I'm thinking Nature Corner will be giving way to Squirrel Watch shortly, although so far my attempts to photograph them haven't turned out so well. I may well have to tempt them closer with food, although all that usually happens is disappointed squirrels and fat pigeons.