Saturday, September 29, 2007

Arthur Ferrier [video]

Something for the weekend...a double dose of Arthur Ferrier for your delectation and delight. If you don't know Ferrier's work he was a glamour cartoonist of some renown, drawing 'Our Dumb Blonde' for the Sunday Pictorial, which was hugely popular during the Second World War, 'Spotlight on Sally' for the News of the World, 'Film Fannie' for Everybody's and 'Eve' for the Daily Sketch. He's usually thought of as the natural successor to Norman Pett and 'Jane'.

The first reel is dated 13 March 1924 and is something of an oddity.

Mr Arthur Ferrier - the well known artist - paints the nails of Miss Frances Carson - actress in "Havoc". The setting is an opulent drawing room. Miss Carson is dressed in an extravagant silver dress and cape with ostrich feathers. Extremely glamorous! She hands Mr Ferrier a piece of paper showing the designs she requires on her nails. C/U of the paper showing the following images drawn onto nails: a love-heart, a man's face, a diamond, a horseshoe and a question-mark. The artist takes Miss Carson's cape and she sits on a sofa which is high on a platform. Mr Ferrier kneels at her feet and proceeds to paint the designs on her nails. C/U of him painting on the nails. C/U of Miss Carson laughing. She admires her nails. C/U of the nails under a magnifying glass. Very cute.

Our second movie is dated 30 October 1944 and more of what we expect from Ferrier as Eileen Bennett poses for the artist as he turns her into "Sally".

(* The above film reels are © British Pathe Limited.)

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