Thursday, September 06, 2007

G. Corrie Thompson

Another quickie from the Gramol files: G. Corrie Thompson was credited with three romance novels published by cheap-jack papperback publisher Gramol in the 1930s then seems to disappear.

Gladys Corrie Thompson was born in Fylde, Blackpool, in 1893, the daughter of actor James Edward (or possibly Edwin) Thompson (born in Mernt, East Indies, c. 1866) and his actress wife Mary Matilda (nee Holland), who married in Caister in 1891. Gladys would appear to have been raised in Blackpool by her mother and grandmother, Matilda Holland (no relation as far as I know).

Beyond the titles of her novels I've not been able to find out much more on Ms. Thompson, although Fylde had a long-standing and successful writers' circle whose members contributed to many women's magazines. Could be her work is lurking anonymously in the likes of Red Letter and other romance mags.

In the 1930s she was living in London. sharing an abode with Meaday Florence McWilliam (nee Supple), although they parted company at the end of the war. She is thought to be the Gladys C. Thompson who died in Bromley, Kent, in 2Q 1959, her age given as 65.

The Girl Who Dared. London, Gramol Publications (Mystery Novels 19), 1934.
Coloured Threads. London, Gramol Publications (Girls' Popular Novels 26), 1935.
Her Love Rewarded. London, Gramol Publications (Girls' Popular Novels 27), 1935.

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