Monday, December 18, 2006

Harold Connolly

Harold Connolly was born in 1893, his full name probably Harold Louis Connolly. According to a review I've seen, "Connolly was a self taught artist who concentrated on cars and motor-cycles becasue, as he put it, 'I could draw wheels.' But his art was much more than that. His illustrations usually had people in them who really looked alive, like true enthusiasts."

A collection of his work for catalogues produced by MG Motors was edited by Louis Connolly (1934- ), his son.

He contributed to a number of annuals, including Lion Annual 1955-57 and two Swift annuals amongst others.

Illustrated Books
Motor Cycle Story, 1875-1905 [text by C. E. Allen]. Peterborough, E. M. Art & Publishing, 1962; as Pioneer Motorcycles, Leatherhead, Surrey, Bruce Main-Smith & Co., 1974.
The Motoring Art of Harold Connolly, ed. Louis Connolly. Southsea, Icon, Nov 2003.

(* Illustrations are from Swift Annual 6 (1959) and 1963 (1962) resoectively and are © Look and Learn Magazine Ltd.)

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