Sunday, December 10, 2006

Comic Clippings - 10 December

This week's annuals' sales chart: Doctor Who Annual (29,838) is in the top 10 seller's list for a second week but still a long way behind the Christmas best-seller, The Sound of Laughter by Peter Kay (76,952). Heading up the charts are The Beano Annual (14, up from 18, with sales of 22,359), Bratz Annual (15,405, giving it a boost from 47 to 19) and Match Annual (14,938, helping it jump from 31 to 23).

(* The Look and Learn preview giveaway came out with the Guardian yesterday and will hopefully give the relaunch a boost. I was a little disappointed by the newspaper format, which is considerably smaller than the relaunched magazine will be, and the quality of the paper isn't as good... but when you're printing over half a million copies to hand out for free some sacrifices have to be made. The preview raises awareness of the magazine and should net us a few subscriptions.

(We took another leap towards completing our podcast, 'Princess Marigold and the Magic Spell', the other day; all five episodes are now complete with a few minor tweaks required before we set it loose on the world. It's aimed at 5-7-year-olds, so don't expect a labyrinthine plot and complex characterisation... but everyone who has heard it so far thought it was fun and that includes some young kids who have been our guinea-pigs... er... I mean, our focus group. With Christmas only two weeks away it looks like it will now debut in early 2007.

(If it's a success, I hope we get the opportunity to do some more.... I'm half-way through the script for 'Island of Secrets' which is a kind of old-fashioned adventure story that you don't get nowadays in which a family crash-land an aeroplane on a deserted island that turns out not to be as deserted as they first think. But don't hold your breath... if we get the go-ahead to do it, it will be months before we're finished because we're doing this on a shoe-string budget and everyone involved has to earn a living. Oh, for that lottery win... )

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