Saturday, December 02, 2006

Eileen Bradpiece

Eileen Bradpiece illustrated a number of feature pages for Swift Annual and Robin Annual over a number of years, 1953-59, often doing more than one page a year. Beyond those pages I have been unable to find anything else by her bar one illustrated book. In the 1980s, she illustrated a number of privately printed titles including a 10" x 7" soft cover book for children which she both wrote and illustrated.

The only Eileen Bradpiece I have found in genealogical records is Eileen Mary Bradpiece, born 25 October 1919, who died in Sussex in 1993, aged 73. Whether this is 'our' Eileen I don't know.

Books for Children
The Story of Roland the Rocking Horse. Jedburgh, Paeony Press, Nov 1985.

Illustrated Books
Jiggle Woggle Bus by Joan Howard Drake. Leicester, Brockhampton Press, 1957.
Growing Tall: An Edwardian Childhood by Elfrida Manning. Farnham, Signland, 1980?
The Travelling Teddy Bear, and other stories by Bessie Hancock. Farnham, Surrey, privately printed. 1986?


  1. I am Eileen Bradpiece's grandson. I am sitting here with my mother Sarah Bradpiece and Eileen's Husband Martin Bradpiece (my gradfather). Its lovely to see Eileen's work on the internet. Your information on her is correct!

  2. Hi James,

    Nice to hear from you. Would I be right to say that you grandmother was born Eileen Whiting and married in 1951?

    That's as far as I can confidently go through public records... if you or your family would care to share any more information on Eileen's career, that would be very welcome.

    Kindest regards,




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