Monday, December 04, 2006

Comic Clippings - 4 December

A positive review of Great British Comics by Paul Gravett & Paul Stanbury in The Times, 'The Comic Strip Grows Up' (25 November) adds an interesting list of the year's sbest-selling graphic novels: V For Vendetta (Titan Books, 11,104 sales in 2006), Watchmen (Titan Books, 3,971), The Complete Maus (Penguin, 3,634), The Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Panini Books, 3,472) and Battle Royale (Panini Books, 3,380).

Meanwhile, sales figures for week-ending 25 November have appeared and record weekly sales for annuals thus: Doctor Who Annual (20,695), The Beano Annual (16,212), Match Annual
(11,501) and Bratz Annual (9,046).

The Observer had an article on the increasing sales of annuals and compilations on Sunday (3 December) under the title 'Guzzle a Festive Dish of Cow Pie' by Vanessa Thorpe. The Daily Mirror (4 December) also reviewed some of the recent reprints under the headling 'Nostalgic Buyers Make the Latest Retro Books Festive Smash Hits'.

More news from hither and yon:
  • 'Enter Sandman' by Peter S. Scholtes. An interview with Neil Gaiman in the Minneapolis City Pages (28 November).
  • 'Tardis of Delights'. Review of Great British Comics by Gravett & Stanbury in The Guardian (25 November).
  • Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon's Preacher is heading for the small screen according to The Hollywood Reporter (29 November); information via Superhero Hype.
(* I'm off out to do another radio interview for BBC Wales... hence the truncated news!)

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