Monday, October 30, 2006

Maud Miller

I've mentioned Maud Miller previously, although only briefly in passing.

Maud Mary Miller wrote a number of film and TV related books, including the 400-page Winchester's Screen Encyclopedia -- Winchester in this case being Clarence Winchester, the famous editor of partworks for Amalgamated Press.

She was also editor of the Girl Film and Television Annual (1957-1961). She contributed film related articles to Girl Annual 5-7 (1956-58) which makes me wonder if her contributions to Swft Annual included the film related 'Behind the Camera' (Swift Annual 3, 1956) in which a young lad named Tim spends a day in a film studio. There are no film features in Swift Annual 4-5, to which she also contributed.

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The Boys' and Girls' Book of Films and Television, with Mary Field, in association with Roger Manvell. London, Burke Publishing Co., 1961.
Girl Television and Film Annual 6. London, Longacre Press, 1962.

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