Thursday, October 12, 2006

Comic Clippings - 12 October

No internet most of yesterday and no internet most of today. Amazing how much actual work you can get done when all the distractions disappear!

I spent most of yesterday working on an audio recording of a fairy story. I kid you not. It's something we've been putting together for the Look and Learn web site and, fingers crossed, we will have five episodes all ready for broadcast, one episode a day, the week leading up to Christmas. The rough cut of the first episode sounded fantastic, and that's before the effects and music.

My reconnection to the outside world bought some good news. I put together an introduction to the upcoming Fleetway Picture Libraries book on The War Libraries last weekend and I've just had a note back from David Roach saying he's happy with it (some minor fluffs but nothing too major). So, the text will be heading off to the publisher shortly and I can put my feet up... sorry, that should read get down to work on the next one, which will be The Adventure Libraries, Thriller, Cowboy and Super Detective. We're actually aheada of schedule on the War Libraries book so maybe we can get it out before the rough release date we set ourselves (Spring 2007). It would be great if we could launch it at the next ABC show -- date to be confirmed but hopefully around February time.

I'm doing some more promotional stuff next week: on Monday around 10:40 am I should be blabbing about comics on BBC Radio Manchester. The studio at Colchester is turning into a second home...

More anon. In the meantime, a couple of snippets of news from around the web...
  • The Forbidden Planet blog has an interview with Joe Pruett who is editing The Art of Brian Bolland for Image which "is about Brian's life, from the 1950s when he was born to the present day. We originally planned for the book to be about 176 pages. Once we started working on it we decided to do it in a chronological order rather than break the book into chapters about specific characters, etc. By the time the book was finished we were over 300 pages! We then had to go through and pick through the DC Comics material to make sure we didn't have too much copyrighted material in the book. We added a few things back in and the book finished at 312 pages. Now THAT's an art book." It seems likely that this book is going to run late, although FP list the release date as 23 November 2006.
  • The latest (10th) issue of Spaceship Away is out now, clocking in at 44 pages, featuring Dan Dare, Hal Starr and Jet Morgan. A fabulous magazine, highly recommended, and one of the very few fanzines dedicated to classic (i.e. old) British comics even if it has a fairly limited focus. The only other two are Eagle Times (again, close focus on Dan Dare and Co.) and Jeff Hawke's Cosmos (guess what that one's about!). Ah, for the days of Golden Fun, The Illustrated Comics Journal and British Comics World...

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