Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lesley Gordon

Another Swift Annual author...

Lesley Gordon wrote and illustrated a feature in Swift Annual 5 (1958). There were a handful of small books published as early as 1937 which may be by the same author and, after a gap of some years, a lot of books on gardening and folklore about plants. Could be the same author but I've not been able to find anything on the web.

Sorrowful and Not-So-Sorrowful Tales. Monologues. London, Samuel French, 1937.
The Busy Book of Jenny Lou. London, Lutterworth Press, 1941.
Busy Jenny Lou at Home. London, Lutterworth Press, 1941.
Jenny Lou is Busy Again. London, Lutterworth Press, 1941.
Snips and Snails. London & Redhill, Lutterworth Press, 1943.

A Pageant of Dolls. A brief history of dolls showing the national costumes & customs of many lands, forward by James Laver. Leicester, Edmund Ward, 1948.
Peepshow Into Paradise. A history of children's toys. London, George G. Harrap & Co., 1953.
Poorman's Nosegay. Flowers from a cottage garden. London, Collins/Harvill Press, 1973.
Green Magic: Flowers, Plants & Herbs in Lore. London, Ebury Press, 1977.
A Country Herbal. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1980.
The Complete Guide to Drying and Preseving Flowers, with Jean Lorimer. Exeter, Webb & Bower, Aug 1982.
Old Roses. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1983.
Trees. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1983.
A Year of Flowers. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1983.
A Gallery of Fashion. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1984.
The Language of Flowers. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1984.
The Mystery and Magic of Trees and Flowers. Exeter, Webb & Bower, 1985.

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