Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Matt Marriott

Details of the Matt Marriott strip are sparse and a complete listing of stories in their original appearance (in the London Evening News) has never been produced. A certain amount of information about early strips can be derived from ADCCC reprints. Titles weren't printed in the paper but Tony Weare wrote story titles onto the scrapbooks he kept of the strips.

Thanks to Domingos Isabelinho I also have a list of the later 'Matt Marriott' stories that appeared in Portugal. Domingos has very kindly translated the titles into English but I've bracketed them in the list below.

1 Vengeance Trail (19 Sep–5 Dec 1955)
     * reprinted (abridged) as 'Vengeance Trail' in Knockout, 24 Sep–24 Dec 1960.
2 Buffalo Hunters (6 Dec 1955–4 Apr 1956)

     * reprinted (abridged) as 'The Trouble-Shooters' in Knockout, 31 Dec 1960–10 Jun 1961.
3 Belle Benson's Daughter (5 Apr–1 Aug 1956)
4 Showdown in Dodge City (2 Aug–5 Dec 1956)
5 Wesley Greer Church (6 Dec 1956–27 Apr 1957)
6 Kansas Railroad part 1 (29 Apr–31 Aug 1957)
7 Kansas Railroad part 2 (2 Sep–14 Dec 1957)
8 The Sunbaugh Gang (16 Dec 1957–23 Jul 1958)
9 Springs of Death (24 Jul–22 Nov 1958)
10 Ghost Town (24 Nov 1958–20 Apr 1959)

?? Farmer Cobb
12 Marshall of Fireweed
?? Marshall of Ochre Flat
?? Overland 
?? Last Days of Augue Spencer
?? Sheriff Hayden
18 Powder's Nephew
?? Zincville Colorado
(The Great Iron Horse)
(A Man Called Jesse James)
(A Cheater’s Story)
(The Terrible Scotsman)
(A Fistful of Lies)
(The Madness)
(The King of Cheaters)
(Hard Confession)
(Cat Bayou)
(The Outlaw Sergeant)
(A Matter of Honour)
(The Strange Priest)
(The Great Herd)
(The Strange Nimbus McBride)
(Drama at Ochre Flat)
(Deathful Hate)
(The Third One Was Saved)
(The Deker Devils)
(The Accused Innocents)
(Zinc Bill’s Story)
(An Adventure in Mexico)
(Two Old Enemies)
(Ruthless Adventure)
(Calamity Jane)
(Runner Bear’s Vengeance)
(A Ten Dollar Bill)
(Wild Country)
(Roses to Sister Eulalia)
(Big Cotton)
(Old Hate Doesn’t Fade)
(A Quiet Man)
(Giants’ Duel)
(The Last Hunt)
(Gil Gatlin’s Gang)
(The Last of the Giants)

(Deathful Fight)
(The Kansas Renegades)
(Mortal Duel)
(Deathly Competition)
(Death’s Jump)
(The Last Resource)
(Mary The Preacher)
(The Witch's Recipe)
(The Power and The Glory)

Incidentally, since mentioning Jim Edgar in a previous post, I've found a note that John M. Burns drew the last episodes of 'Matt Marriott' for the Evening News in 1977 before reviving 'Danielle' for the same paper, briefly, in 1978.

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