Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Joseph Hayes (1918-2006)

The New York Times has an obituary for crime novelist, playwright and screenwriter Joseph Hayes, author of The Desperate Hours, about a family whose home is invaded by three desperate criminals. In the UK, Pan produced a tie-in edition (Pan 372, 1956) with the movie which shows Fredric March, Martha Scott, Mary Murphy and Richard Eyer as the Hilliard family... Humphrey Bogart played the lead criminal, Glenn.

Cover art was by Derek A. Stowe whose work appeared regularly on various Pan Books and Panther Books covers in 1956-61. Other than that he was very good, I know nothing about Stowe and any information would be welcome.

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  1. Hi Steve, If you want to find out about Derek Stowe go to my site at, select the Artists link and then Derek - all will be revealed! Cheers, Tim



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