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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Comic Clippings - 13 September 2006

Look and Learn in the News

We've had some excellent feedback from people to the launch of the Look and Learn web site with dozens of messages arriving daily: Metro ran a very nice piece about the site on Monday (above) and we got a brief mention on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show (Radio 2); yesterday I was invited to talk about the magazine on Radio Suffolk's Luke Deal show; and in today's Daily Mirror we're sharing a page with Liz Hurley -- not visible on the online version of the piece. However, despite this burgeoning career as a media whore, I'd like to dispel the rumour that I'll be attending the comic fair this Sunday in anything resembling "that dress".

A very brief round up of news from the web and elsewhere:
  • "UK manga gives Shakespeare brand new costume" is the headline in a Mainichi Daily News article (13 September 2006) about a manga-style reinvention of Shakespeare to be published by Self Made Hero (a division of Metro Media Ltd.).
  • Pandarve: The Worlds of Don Lawrence has been sent off to the printers and will make its debut at Stripdagen 2006 which is being held at the Euretco Expo Center, Houten, in Holland on 30 September to 1 October. The artists who are currently working on the next Storm book (#23) -- Romano Molenaar and Jorg de Vos -- will also be at the Don Lawrence Collection booth and Storm creator and long-time author Martin Lodewijk (who selected and introduced the Pandarve book) will also be attending. The cover to the book is stunning... see below if you don't believe me. The book, published in hardcover, features some of Lawrence's best artwork from the 'Chronicles of Pandarve' series of Storm albums, all new digital scans from original artwork, and will be available for a mere 19.95 Euros between October and December. Check out the DLC web site for more details.

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