Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Comic Clippings - 20 September 2006

Look and Learn got a good boost today when Stephen Pickles, who is editing the upcoming Best of Look and Learn series, appeared on Working Lunch on BBC2. Stephen was on Radio Scotland yesterday... but don't think I've given up my radio carer. If all goes to plan, I'm doing three shows on Monday, 2 October (Newcastle, Manchester and Shropshire).

We're also mentioned in The Belfast Telegraph. Ignore the first headline which says "We must put dampener on these fanatics" -- that's not us, honest. We're four headlines down.
  • My good friend John Adcock, aka Oliver Oyl, has posted a few pages of the Sexton Blake comic strip from Knockout, 1952 vintage, drawn by Graham Coton. I was fortunate enough to correspond with Graham for a while many years ago and wrote him up in The Illustrated Comics Journal (that's the British comic fanzine, not the Gary Groth-edited American mag.). A couple of stories I've heard since shed interesting light on Graham who was something of a lecherous old sod and was eventually banned from going to Fleetway House to deliver his artwork for acting inappropriately towards a female art editor. He's also the only artist I've heard of who, when asked to make some corrections to one of his pages, tore the board to pieces. But hopefully he'll be remembered for the artwork that did see print. He produced dozens of fantastic covers for the war libraries and illustrations for Look and Learn, so I'm kind of knee deep in his work at the moment. He had very few good words to say for his time as a comic strip artist but he was happier as an illustrator and, in later life, he was able to make a living as a painter with aircraft his speciality.

  • Mike Carey is interviewed at The Pulse (19 September 2006). The headline is: "Mike Carey's Ultimate Fantastic Four Experience".
  • Down the Tubes has news of the next League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novel, coming this October.

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