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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just ahead of the appearance of a new book featuring the famous Jane strip from the Daily Mirror, I thought I'd attempt a checklist of stories. Franco Giacomini kindly sent me a list of strips that had appeared in the Italian paper Il Giorno, along with the codes as used on various Daily Mirror strips. To this I've added those titles I've been able to gather from other sources. Where I don't have the original English titles I've retained Franco's titles from his Italian listing.

Began as a single-panel weekly series 'Jane's Journal—or the Diary of a Bright Young Thing'. Don Freeman was Pett's scriptwriter from December 1938. Norman Pett was given as assistant in 1946 and he, Mike Hubbard, took over drawing the strip in May 1948, a position he held until the strip came to an end in 1959.

Hush-Hush House (350-426) 15-01-40—
Sea Legs (427-546) 15-04-40—
Jane on Leave (547-582, 1-12) 02-09-40—
Jane's Rival (13-100, 1-71) 28-10-40—
Land Girl (72-276, A1-98) 05-05-41—
Jane's Island Romance (A99-A260) 27-04-42—
(missing for a week)
Factory Girl (A261-B103) 09-11-42—01-05-43
Queen Jane (B104-B238) 03-05-43—
Married by Proxy (B239-C102) 07-10-43—
N.A.A.F.I. Say Die (C103-C225) 01-05-44—
Behind the Front (C226-D147) 21-09-44—
Jane's Summer Idle (D148- ) 25-06-45—


Heiress By Mistake (G302-311, H1-H80) 1948—49
(Jane e il "Club Barbarbi├╣) (H247-H310, J1-J107) 1949—50
(La stravagante crociera di Jane) (J108-J245) 1950
(Jane tra due amori) (J246-J309, K1-K83) 1950—51
(Jane guida turistica) (K84-K209) 1951
Nature in the Raw (Jane al priorato) (K210-K299) 03-09-51—??-??-51
P.C. Jane (Jane poliziotta) (K300-K310, L1-L111) 1951—52
Georgie Tries Again (Il sogno di Jane) (L112-L189) 1952
Jane's Wedding (Le nozze di Jane) (L190-L213) 1952
(Jane nel safari) (L214-L310, M1-M3) 1952—53
College of Courtship (M4-M104) 05-01-53—02-05-53
Model Ambassadress (Jane in oriente) (M105-M206) 04-05-53—29-08-53
Double Scotch (M207-M254) 31-08-53—24-10-53
Box o' Tricks (M255-M310, N1-N26) 26-10-53—30-01-54
Jane on Ice (N27-N68) 01-02-54—20-03-54
The Ruby of Love (N69-N175) 22-03-54—24-07-54
Jane's Cojntinental Tour (N176-N262) 26-07-54—03-11-54
Jane's Hotel (N263-N310, O1-O31) 04-11-54—05-02-55
The Kissman Report (O32-O96) 07-02-55—18-05-55
A Model Pair (O97-O225) 19-05-55—15-10-55
Gun Girl (O226-O289, P1-P72) 17-10-55—24-03-56
Dude Ranch (P73-P131) 26-03-56—02-06-56
The Bathing Pool (P132-P203) 04-06-56—25-08-56
The Guinea Pig (P204-P306) 27-08-56—24-12-56
Counter Measures (P307-Q89) 27-12-56—13-04-57
Jane's Latin Lover (Q90-Q242) 14-04-57—10-10-57
(Voiti per il cinema) (Q243-R7) 1957—58
(La vacca che canta) (R8-R81) 1958
(L'ipnotizzatore) (R82-R207) 1958
(Angeli custodi) (R208-R258) 1958
(Jane e il Lama) (R259-R300) 1958
(Piccole stelle) (R301-S57) 1958-59
(La loconda del pescatore) (S58-S135) 1959
(Jane nel catello) (S136-S208) 1959
(Jane e il tesoro) (S209-S242) 1959—10-10-59

Jane, Daughter of Jane
Revival of the strip which ran 28 August 1961 to 30 August 1963, drawn by Alfred Mazure and written by Mazure and Roger Woddis.


New series featuring the granddaughter of the original Jane ran 15 April 1985 to 1 September 1990 with artwork by John Burns. Written by Roger Mahoney, Hilary King, Tim Quinn and Les Lilley.

1. 15-04-85—
8. The Long-Legged Detective (HK) (V41-V???) 17-02-87—
9. Soap Bubbles (TQ) (V???-V???) ??-05-87—
10. Granny Jane and Lola (HK) (V197-V???) 18-08-87—
11. (title unknown) (V???-W40) ??-11-87—16-02-88
12. Haring Around (HK) (W41-W118) 17-02-88—17-05-88
13. Hillbilly Hullabaloo (TQ) (W119-W196) 18-05-88—16-08-88
14. The Romancing of Jane (TQ) (W197-W274) 17-08-88—15-11-88
15. Queen Jane (HK) (W275-X38) 16-11-88—14-02-89
16. Home 'Tweet' Home (TQ) (X39-X116) 15-02-89—16-05-89
17. Pirates Aboard (LL) (X117-X194) 17-05-89—15-08-89
18. Granny Jane at War (HK) (X195-X272) 16-08-89—14-11-89
19. Date in the Desert (TQ) (X273- ) 15-11-89—

(* Jane © Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd.)


Dave Whitwell said...

I was thrilled to read that another Jane book was soon to be published. The vast majority of Jane's adventures have sadly never been released in book form and I was kind of hoping that this new volume would include some of these unseen stories. However, I'm now under the
impression that this new book will reprint the same wartime stories that have already been reprinted in the previous three Jane collections:- --'Jane'(Pelham Books,1983); 'Jane at War' (Wolfe,1976), and 'Farewell to Jane' (Daily Mirror Books,1960).

While it is fair to say that these particular wartime Jane strips are the ones she is generally remembered for, I doubt that anyone interested in Jane would find this new book to be of any real interest, as they would already have seen the stories within.
These previous Jane reprint books regularly appear on ebay and are pretty cheap too, so why buy a new edition?

My one hope is that this new book will feature some additional illustrations/text and maybe even an unseen strip or two!

Steve, do you know if there is any chance that some of the later Hubbard strips will ever see print again? I know there were 35 (or more) issues of an Australian Jane comic published in the 1950s, but these too are pretty hard to find these days.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Piley said...

Good post this Steve.

I feel much like Dave re the new Jane book. From what i've read about it, it looks like it contains just one or two Wartime stories... The stories that anyone who wants, already owns!! Who is another reprint of reprint likely to appeal to?! In fact, i think Dave may have missed a reprint, I remember that yet another reprint edition was published, some time in the 1990s (i think!) which was very similar to the 1970 s 'Jane at War' book, although in a nifty slip-case! so FOUR reprints of the same stuff at least.

I too would love to see the Michael Hubbard stories from the 50's, but I've only ever managed to get hold of the odd daily strip, or book illustration. I've been looking for the Aussie comic books for years, but have never seen a single copy for sale.

I understand that Jane is mainly remembered for the wartime stories, but I would hope that there would be a market for her peacetime adventures too?

With so many 'complete' reprints coming out these days, I think the 'ol gal deserves that treatment too!


Robbo said...

if you are looking for Jane comics then there is a website with an archive of Daily Mirror newspapers. The URL is It's a pay site and you can access any copy of the mirror from 1903-1980.