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Rebellion Releases - 13 December 2023


Celebrating 40 years since IPC launched the UK’s most iconic ‘horror’ anthology, this wonderfully horrifying single volume collects all of the strips included in the 15-issue run of Scream!

Produced ‘from the depths’ of King’s Reach Tower by the mysterious ‘undead’ editor Ghastly McNasty, the first issue of Scream! was unleashed on 24th March 1984. More tongue-in-cheek than horrific, the comic was an immediate hit with younger fans as it included a pair of fake vampire fangs attached to the cover and a number of fantastic new strips from such talents as Alan Moore, John Wagner, Jose Ortiz, Cam Kennedy, Tom Tully, Alan Grant and Eric Bradbury.

This celebratory collection of the entirety of Scream! includes every single strip published in 1984 from issues 1-15 of the original Scream! run, making this an absolute must-have for fans of classic horror and thriller comics!

To make this even more ghoulishly exciting, true horror afficionados can take home a webshop-exclusive slipcase edition designed by David Roach!

The stories included in this collection are:

The Dracula File – Writers Gerry-Finley Day, Simon Furman, Artist Eric Bradbury
Fiends and Neighbours – Artist Graham Allen
Tales From the Grave – Writers Tom Tully, Ian Rimmer, Scott Goodall, Artist Jim Watson
Library of Death – Writers Barrie Tomlinson,James Nicholas, Angus Allan Artists Cam Kennedy, Ron Smith, John Cooper, Brendan McCarthy, Mike Dorey, Steve Dillon
Monster – Writers Alan Moore, John Wagner, Artists Henzil, Jesus Redondo
The Nightcomers – Writer Tom Tully, Artist John Richardson
Terror of the Cats – Writer Simon Furman, Artists Gonzalez, John Richardson
The Thirteenth Floor – Writers John Wagner, Alan Grant, Artist Jose Ortiz
A Ghastly Tale – Artists Mike Western, Mike Dorey, Jose Casanovas Sr

And now, this week's releases, the bumper Xmas issue of  2000AD...

2000AD Prog 2362
Cover: Cliff Robinson / Dylan Teague (cols).

JUDGE DREDD // A MATTER OF LIFE & DREDD by Ken Niemand (w) Tom Foster (a) Gary Caldwell (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
AZIMUTH // SNOW ZONE by Dan Abnett (w) Tazio Bettin (a) Matt Soffe (c) Jim Campbell (l)
ANDERSON, PSI-DIVISION // THE GAME WITHIN by Torunn Grønbekk (w) Kieran McKeown (a) Pippa Bowland (c) Rob Steen (l)
FIENDS OF THE EASTERN FRONT // SILENT KNIGHT by Ian Edginton (w) Tiernen Trevallion (a) Jim Capbell (l)
STRONTIUM DOG // ALPHA by Rufus Hound (w) Dan Cornwell (a) Dylan Teague (c) Simon Bowland (l)
ROGUE TROOPER // RUNAWAY by Geoffrey D. Wessel (w) Simon Coleby (a) F Segala & S. Del Grosso (c) Rob Steen (l)
HELIUM // SCORCHED EARTH by Ian Edginton (w) D'Israeli (a) Simon Bowland (l)
ENEMY EARTH // BOOK THREE by Cavan Scott (w) Luke Horsman (a) Simon Bowland (l)
THE DEVIL’S RAILROAD by Peter Milligan (w) Rufus Dayglo (a) Jose Villarrubia (c) Jim Campbell (l)
FERAL & FOE // BAD GODESBERG by Dan Abnett (w) Richard Elson (a) Jim Campbell (l)

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